Where Are All The Girl Bands?

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Ok...This page is not even close to being finished. As you can tell, this page is basically a link of a bunch of girl bands. But if you look closely these are ALL girl bands. Many bands have female fronts like Switchblade Symphony, Veruca Salt, HOLE, PET, and all female soloist have bands with males in them. So, I have taken the time to round some all girl groups, well, as many as I could find and think of. Yes, some of these bands are old but that does not make them in less of a band, infact, in my eyes it makes them more because they are the building blocks of today's grrl bands, the riot grrl movement. Enjoy and be sure to check out my two favorites the Bangles and Runaways.


Bangles Music Vault
Bangles Unofficial Homepage
Bangle Fandom
The Runaways
Runaways Story
The Drama You Have Been Craving-Sleater Kinney
Media Empire
The Delphines
Jem-yes, the cartoon...don't like it but they ARE all girls are they not?
The Poptarts
Pure Passion
Cold Cold Hearts
Luscious Jackson
Luscious Jackson-Groove Report
Luscious Jackson-Cover Story
Loving Luscious Jackson
The Mo Dettes
Punknet 77-Mo Dettes
Third Sex
Tribe 8
Team Dresch
The Raincoats
The Slits
Babes In Toyland-Reprise Page
Unofficial Homepage of 7YB
The Scarletts
HELL7 an L7 Page
Chick Rock Pages
Chicks Rock
Austin Girl Bands
Not Bad For A Girl
Chainsaw Records