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Amy's Side of The Web

some music for you..BLOOD ROSES

    When I first decided to create a web page I told myself it would be strictly Gothic...well, here I am a few months later and you guessed it, NO Gothic relation what so ever. How did this happen? I suppose that the music in my head finally took over (imagine that) and I have created a few music pages. I guess things don't always work out the way you like them too but hopefully I will have enough time to properly make a respectable Gothic page or two. My name is Amy, your host for the moment. My interest are modern goth, supernatural, horror, Music(duh), scratching records, and martial arts. I also like to write poetry . I am presently working on a Tori Amos Page , a Veruca Salt Page, a K's Choice Page, a Morcheeba Page and the ever awaited PET page so be patient. I promise to constantly keep this mess under construction and hopefully have a very entertaining page someday. If you have a page and would like your link added here, please drop me an email and you will be added immediately. If you just have a suggestion or comment your mail is just as welcomed.

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    ME.. the page
    8/11/97 MOVED TO TRIPOD
    8/5/97 The guestbook is working (finally!)
    8/3/97 Dont know what is wrong with guestbook..if you want to get in touch with me, drop an E:

    8/3/97 added a link to DEATH'S new page
    8/3/97 Met K's Choice Read The Review Here
    7/31/97 PET still under contruction
    7/29/97 last edited
    7/25/97 added Morcheeba page
    7/24/97 Made changes to VS page
    7/20/97 Made changes to VS page and main
    7/07/97 Added a couple of pieces to poetry page and cleaned up a few things
    My K's Choice page starts development 6/29/97
    A Fiona Apple page begins creation 6/27/97
    My Veruca Salt page begins construstion 6/26/97
    A new Tori Amos page was added 6/25/97 (partially under construction)

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    My Favorite Places

    Dark Side of the Web--great place
    Dark Side of the Net--do you see a patern here
    CityBeat(cincy news)
    Bogarts a great concert venue
    Morcheeba (I saw them live)
    My college
    The Coolest Radio Station (Channel Z)

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