This is K'S CHOICE
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This is K'S CHOICE

I saw K's Choice perform September 1995 when they opened for Alanis Morissette in Cincinnati Ohio. I was very disturbed at the response they received from the audience. The majority talking amongst themselves but I along with a few others listened intently. They then returned to play at Jammin' On Main in but I could not attend due to a heavy storm but from what I heard the audience loved them. They have a style that is all their own and that is what is needed to stay strong. Their first single Not An Addict is being played on MTV(you may want to watch M2 or 120 Minutes). You may also be hearing it on the radio as well(in the Cincinnati area 107.1 Channel Z is a dedicated player and the ever so hippocritical 101.9 Q102 will play it for awhile). Sarah's dark vocals and the bass at the beginning when she starts with "do do do" is captivating.

Not An Addict is a song about a drug addict in denial. The pain, anger, and sadness that fills her world "the deeper you stick it in your vein..." the more you crave to hear more from this band. The video for Not An Addict was directed by Peter Christopherson who also directed the ever acclaimed Rage Against The Machine video for Bulls On Parade. This video puts you right inside a K's Choice concert. You haven't seen them perform? Then I suggest you catch MTV Oddville on 6/27 or a rerun and watch them in action. Or if you want to see them live they are presently touring with The Verve Pipe and Tonic.

If you really enjoy Paradise In Me I suggest you get a copy of their first album from 1994 titled The Great Subconscious Club. It is not as dark and they have more of a sense of humor but it is still K's Choice material. If you still haven't heard of them (imagine that) you should search the web and listen to a sound clip or watch a video clip on one of their many pages.

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