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Everyone has Their Somedays.
Where we are Born, we are Born with an optimistic naiveté'.
An Innocence that allows Us, Wills us to create our Somedays.
Somedays form Our World, not this imaginary nightmare that they
force us to acknowledge,
Somedays are Our what Ifs.
Then, along the way to life in Their world, we are stripped of Our
Ambitions, raped of Our Somedays,
an Astronaut in His World becomes a contractor in tulsa, u.s.a.
a Stage Actress in Her World deforms into an unwed, unloved
mother/sales clerk
in the bronx, new york.
And They think, Well, No one Else kept Their Somedays, Why should
I'm Keeping Mine.
This world is My World, Our World.

Someday, people will respect Me, want to be with Me as much as I
want to be with Them.
Love me.
Someday I will help this world approach Sanity, approach Our World.
And Then, Someday, I will Just be Me, and people won't mind much.
Someday I'll disappear to Someplace in My World, say, Heidelberg.
Someday a Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Eyes I met Forever ago
will lie on a hillside with me and pick blades of grass,
and search the sky of Our World for magical clouds.
And Someday Friends will join Us for no reason but Us.
And Someday in Our World We will just be Us, and because We are
just Us, We will Love Each Other.

we don't have the money.
It's too corrupt, it's too bad a world, it's too, it's too too.
You can't be president.
You have to pay the bills.
You dream too much.
You're just a dreamer.
But lawyers make such good MONEY.
You'd like it.
it's not so bad.

Give It up.

Things will Work Out! We can stop IT! Why not? So? No, not
enough. And for That, I thank my GOD! Thpth! How do you Know?
But It's not ME!

I will not Surrender my Somedays.
Not a matter of principle.
A Matter if US, ME, OUR, WE.

And who knows?

Maybe someday that Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous,
Soul - Searching Eyes will look up at me,
On that grassy hillside under that cloud - embossed sky
in Our Heidelberg.
And Maybe Someday that Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous,
Soul - Searching Eyes will roll over slightly to
whisper so softly into my ears, partially hidden
under the first of many silvery hairs,
We Made It

turn in your college applications the slope of the tangent is
found by the first antigone and oedipus and creon danke bitte
eios xwei and the holy roman emperor challenged louis the you
must project better 30 cents toll walk the dog my god
you're going out with whom from where I don't even know
where middleburg is let's do lunch….

Sounds like fun. We'll laugh love sing dance.


so how about Our Heidelberg.
Let's make it Someday.

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